Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was never a cook, a baker, nor even an egg scrambler.

Then I was hit with a whirlwind: 4 months, 10 countries, 15 port cities, a circumnavigation of the globe. And my tremendously long story short: fascination. A majority of it with the culture and tradition surrounding a people’s food – preparation, ingredients, recipes (or lack of), nutrition, celebrations, local markets, reveling with friends and family. Fascination with the way food brings a culture to life.

A new curiosity – within my long-time passion for travel – had sprouted in my hungry belly.

Whether the fare is fried octopus balls and crème-filled Hello Kitty waffles in Tokyo, dim sum and a lotus bun in China, the most juicy mango plucked off a tree in India, ceviche and patacones on the coast of Ecuador, or some good ol’ jambalaya down in N’awlins….. food culture is certainly a worthy motive for exploring this world. (If travel in itself isn’t enough!)

Upon returning home from every journey, I find my head swirling with delicious memories and inspiration for recreating dishes and trying out new ways of cooking, new-to-me spices, herbs, fruits, flavors….. anything my senses can hold on to. And once recreated, I have a recipe serving as my photograph -– to take me back to the sights, smells, tastes, sounds, colors, textures, and so on, of the beautiful places I roamed and people I met; mountains I climbed and tea I slowly sipped.

Here I want to gather all my posts involving travel, food-centered or not.

Come wander with me….

One thought on “wanderings

  1. Wow, we definitely share the same passion – traveling through food and discovering new recipes while connecting with new cultures, all in a healthy way – I will be trying some of your recipes very soon! Keep up the great blog, a little jealous of how much traveling you’ve been able to do :)


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