far from my last post

parque nacional tayrona

Cozy winter stews and hot cocoa no longer – I am now hundreds of miles south where juicy fruit, fresh seafood, and all things made with cornmeal are what I crave. Estoy en el maravilloso país de Colombia!

The highlight of the week I’ve spent here so far would have to be the unexpected adventure of trekking 3 hours to (and then back from) paradise, and enjoying fresh ceviche and arepas on the beach.

I’m a firm believer in the statement “expectations reduce joy,” as taught by my ‘Art of Living’ guru in India, as the best moments (for me) seem to be the spontaneous ones, the ones with no preconceived notions that I can be disappointed by. The adventure on this day was definitely the journey to paradise rather than the destination. We had no idea upon arriving at this park after looking for the nonexistent bus station for an hour, then waiting in the most inefficient line I’ve ever been in for an hour+, that we would have to walk up and down a hilly road for several kilometers, then pick one of the many trails that lead through the rainforest for hours to a beautiful beach that was too dangerous to swim at so we were forced to continue on still. BUT after passing beyond some boulders, we spotted our paradise. As it was mid-afternoon by that time, we had less than an hour to swim and refuel our bodies before starting the trek back, to make it before dark. Despite the long waits, the relentless heat, and not wearing shoes anywhere close to hiking-worthy, it was a wholly blissful, satisfying, hilarious, and exhausting day.

It doesn’t hurt that sometimes an adventure ends on a beautiful wild beach, freshly caught shrimp in hand :)

ceviche de camaron

..apologies for devouring half of the deliciousness before I thought to snap a photo!

I have far more to relate about my ventures in Colombia, emphasis on the delicious parts. For now though, it’s time for a cold shower and a hammock.


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