weekend joy

Snippets from an eventful and tasty weekend…heirloom rainbow

An heirloom rainbow, all from the organic farm I work on.

Saturday market

Another Saturday market. Selling our never-ending heirloom tomatoes and the beginning of our fall harvest — sweet potatoes, acorn squash, rutabaga greens, beet greens & radishes.


Forrest & I at a family-friend’s lovely wedding on Cold Saturday Farm in MD. The big stone farmhouse behind us used to be a hospital during the Civil War.

wedding things

Cute and functional wedding favors!

this guy

this guy…

tahini buckwheat granola

My first attempt at buckwheat granola – and it is crunchy! Perfect in a bowl of kefir and peaches because it doesn’t get soggy so quick like other cereals. I used hello veggy’s recipe and subbed tahini for the nut butter for an earthy sesame flavor. mmm :)

farm party!

My weekend concluded with an end-of-summer potluck up on a hill at my neighbor’s farm. Delicious, healthy food, a beautiful sunset, and chatting with good friends until the only light left was the stars. Hoping to make this the first of many seasonal farm dinners!

Hope everyone’s having a happy week : ) -mich

my Saturday

Yes, I know it’s Sunday.

And no, there aren’t any recipes here. Just a little snapshot of my life yesterday, trying out the new (and only 3 blocks from my house:) Black Tap Coffee shop with my best friend Allyn, doing a little research and psyching ourselves up for our trip to Guatemala.

…..which is in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! ah!

By the way, this may be my new favorite place to be. They do pour-over hot and iced coffees, [which I tried for the first time and fell in love], the tables are big and cozy and communal, and natural light pours in from all sides. It’s modern and hip, if you will, but at the same time fresh and cozy and welcoming, and tucked back in the neighborhood away from the noise and chaos of downtown.

Allyn and I were happy little puppies, tails wagging and hearts melting as we looked through photographs of the avocado farm we’re staying on and the exquisite volcano-surrounded Lake Atitlán.

Quote from the site of the mountain lodge we’re staying at: “We’re famous for our avocados, volcano views, amazing food and magic treehouse.”

..It’s going to be a tough week to get through. Hopefully I’ll get some yummy recipes up before I leave you!