A farm{ette} to table gathering

You know all those ethereal scenes on Pinterest of long dining tables set up outdoors in the midst of a lush farm, adorned with mini lanterns and flowers hung from tree limbs in mason jars…. the scenes that seem just too perfect to be real life?

You know, like this. Maybe I’m just unaware, maybe this is a common occurrence for people these days.

Anyway if you were wondering… they exist in real life. I went to one :)

The Lyons Farmette in Lyons, Colorado, a miniature farm with a lot going on. Complete with cuddly baby goats, flowing stream, mountain backdrop, even vintage airstreams parked throughout as housing for the farm interns.

The family and I went out to CO to celebrate my sister’s grad school graduation and help her move to her new home in Aspen. Of course we also fit in lots of good eating, like this “Pizza Night on the Farm”. Dinner featured a mobile wood-fired pizza oven and pizzaiola who produce the tastiest, lightest, chewiest, charred, rustic crust you can imagine, and tops it with farm fresh veggies and meats.

The copper oven kept churning out pizzas for as long as we would have them. And the evening’s menu made it hard to stop: there was a classic margherita, an asparagus, roasted red pepper and goat cheese, a crème fraiche, applewood smoked bacon, lemon arugula, and sweet onion, and everyone’s favorite: chimichurri, slow roasted pulled pork, pueblo chilies and fresh mozzarella.

And with plentiful wine, roaming chickens, sun setting over the mountains, cute babies, good company, and the feeling of being in some kind of magazine photo shoot, it was difficult not to have a sensory overload.

You can see for yourself below, but no photo could ever compare to a bite of that crust.