A taste of Guatemala

Traveling. It’s like me and chocolate…. give me a taste and all I want is more. A measly 7 days of escape from the middle of my busy final semester of college when I’m already suffering from major senioritis was just not enough to satisfy my wanderlust.

And speaking of chocolate — in some unimaginable way I don’t think I had any chocolate (or sweets, for that matter), until Allyn and I realized the absurdity of this and subsequently devoured a brownie sundae on my last night, immediately followed by a second one.

I had actually noticed our lack of ice cream on the trip the day before I had to leave, and made clear to everyone my determination to find some good helado. Specialty helado shops were everywhere to be found, yet we always seemed too busy or too full from the meal before to stop in. And still this was the case on that day until it was about 9:30 and we were all ready for some helados… only to find every helado shop in the little lake-side village of San Pedro to be closed. NO! We ended up settling with cheap ice cream bars from a freezer in a tienda. I was not happy.

Then as we meandered back down the dirt paths of the town to our hostel, lit by the full moon and nuzzled by the warm breeze, Allyn says to me, “I know something that will make you feel better about eating your ice cream.”

“What?” (could that possibly be..?)

“I think this is the only thing that hasn’t worked out for us on this trip…”

It was true. And I felt instantly better about eating my sweet, 5-quetzal Sarita ice cream. Things could be worse.

It was a bittersweet trip all around — enjoying every moment while knowing our time is so limited. Much emphasis on the sweet though ;

We began from all different spots on the East Coast — Boston, D.C., Charleston SC and Florida — and met up for a spring break adventure, starting with a flight to Guatemala City. We wasted no time and headed straight to Antigua, a cobblestone-covered, colorful colonial city (please excuse my annoying alliteration) nestled between three volcanoes. After a couple days of wandering the streets, stuffing ourselves with street food, watching the elaborate processions held each Sunday during Lent, and hiking nearby volcán Pacaya, we smushed into the back of a pickup truck with 9 other travelers + their bags and headed up the mountains to Earth Lodge, a magical avocado farm complete with tree houses, unlimited hammocks, and incredible family-style vegetarian dinners. Continue reading

my Saturday

Yes, I know it’s Sunday.

And no, there aren’t any recipes here. Just a little snapshot of my life yesterday, trying out the new (and only 3 blocks from my house:) Black Tap Coffee shop with my best friend Allyn, doing a little research and psyching ourselves up for our trip to Guatemala.

…..which is in LESS THAN ONE WEEK! ah!

By the way, this may be my new favorite place to be. They do pour-over hot and iced coffees, [which I tried for the first time and fell in love], the tables are big and cozy and communal, and natural light pours in from all sides. It’s modern and hip, if you will, but at the same time fresh and cozy and welcoming, and tucked back in the neighborhood away from the noise and chaos of downtown.

Allyn and I were happy little puppies, tails wagging and hearts melting as we looked through photographs of the avocado farm we’re staying on and the exquisite volcano-surrounded Lake Atitlán.

Quote from the site of the mountain lodge we’re staying at: “We’re famous for our avocados, volcano views, amazing food and magic treehouse.”

..It’s going to be a tough week to get through. Hopefully I’ll get some yummy recipes up before I leave you!