making mint tea

My sister Jamie used to bring us home a bag of mint tea from the café she worked at in Burlington. All it consists of is dried peppermint leaves, but when brewed in a big pot of boiling water, chilled and served over ice, it was the most refreshing drink you could imagine. Like jumping in an ice cold lake. A blast of minty ice water to the face. A drink to your health, for sure.

Mom planted (spear)mint near the garden several years back and it has completely taken over, covering and scenting a large corner of the yard. The last bag of dried leaves we had from Jamie was getting low, and while wandering about the garden in my bare feet during one of my long, lazy days of summer, I saw the overwhelming patch of mint and thought, why don’t we make our own tea? How silly of us to not have done this before, huh?

So we did. I clipped several bunches of stems, researched ‘how to dry herbs’ and got to it. It’s really very simple; all that’s needed is patience.

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