my 23rd cake


This is my happy place. Carova Beach, Outer Banks, NC. Once a year I get to be here with the best company for two weeks of laughter, play, sun, salt, relaxation, sandy doggies and lots of good cooking. Oh, and it also involves my birthday, so cake and fancy drinks are always part of the shenanigans.

margaritas + birthday cake!

My 23rd birthday cake to celebrate this new year of life: a blueberry cornmeal cake with lemon curd – neufchâtel frosting. I thought up the flavor combination when blueberry season was just beginning and had been craving it ever since. So when the day came, I handed the special job over to my boyfriend and supervised carefully to make sure he made it exactly how I imagined :) He did great, topping it off with a decorative blueberry swirl. Thanks Forrest!

*Note: my birthday was in July; I am just now realizing I never got to posting this cake recipe which needs to be preserved forever and ever. And I’m reminiscing of those wonderful two weeks at the beach. Summer, don’t go so fast! Continue reading

Light & Summery Peach-Blueberry Crisp

In our family, this is summer’s signature dessert. With local peaches and blueberries taking over our kitchen faster than we can handle, fruit crisps are something easy to make and easy to enjoy. Eaten for dessert, breakfast, or a snack, hot or cold, with ice cream, yogurt, or solo… it’s simply the essence of summer in your mouth. Unfortunately, while some people mistake crisps, cobblers, crumbles, etc. for being “healthy” desserts seeing as they contain fruit, many are made with loads of butter, white sugar, white flour, sour cream…everything that may be found in your most decadent chocolate cake. Here I’ve lightened up and perfected our recipe so it can truly be a refreshing and light summery dessert, and double as a delicious breakfast :]

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