why I love summer mornings at home, and happy birthday blog!

Summer mornings at our quiet country home are perhaps the most serene and savored moments of my days.

All is still except the yellow sunlight slowly slipping further through the windows.

And silence is broken only by the voices of chirpy birds and occasional snores of a sleepy dog.

It’s a brief calm before the heat storm that is to come…

I take my time with a good long stretch, a homemade latte, and a slow breakfast including wild black raspberries picked from a neighbor’s farm and sweet, fat blueberries from a friend’s backyard. And my newly discovered favorite granola.

Purely elizabeth pumpkin fig ancient grain granola. It’s got an awful long name for an awful lot of awesomeness: ’tis gluten-free, vegan, and free of refined sugar. Made with oats, coconut palm sugar, virgin coconut oil, raw pumpkin seeds, dried figs, puffed amaranth, quinoa flakes, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, cinnamon, sea salt, and love.

I stopped trusting / buying granola from the store a long time ago after realizing how much sugar and oil it contains [it’s unfortunate people often assume granola is a “health food”] and only ate the stuff I made myself, using fruit/vegetable purees and natural sweeteners. But I always check the granola shelves hoping for better options, and was excited to spot this one at a local organic market. I tried it the next morning with a lazy bowl of fruit and yogurt, and fell in love. SO. GOOD.

Crispy, crunchy, sweet, spiced, nourishing and filling, and with all ingredients I would include in my own granola. It’s as perfect in my opinion as store-bought granola can be, except for how quickly it disappears. But that’s an issue I’ll figure out another time.

Enjoying these mellow mornings also reminded me that it was about this time a year ago I started blissful bites, not so sure where it was going but very inspired and determined to make it go somewhere. And I’m proud of myself for keeping it up throughout my busy last year of school (some months a bit more than others) and for having the passion and desire to put my time into it. And thank you, anyone and everyone who may read this, for reading one post, every post, trying my recipes, leaving a comment, or simply ignoring my words and looking at the pictures :) It means a lot.

Happy 1st Birthday Blog! It will only get better from here!

love, mich

4 thoughts on “why I love summer mornings at home, and happy birthday blog!

  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday Blissful Bites! I don’t even like to cook but your recipes inspire me. I’ll have to try the chard recipe as I have heaps of chard in the garden. Cheers! Dalis

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