treats for tara

So I’m not big on posting recipes that I copy exactly from someone else. Writing up my own creations (the few successful ones) or a recipe that I’ve at least adapted to make my own feels much more like an accomplishment.

But I’ll make exceptions when something turns out just so perfect and everyone’s begging for the recipe.

Like these…..

When my family went to Colorado to celebrate my sister’s graduation, she threw a little party featuring sumo wrestling and tasty food prepared by us. Two pretty great things.

Among many other nibbles, mom made cute shrimp gazpacho shooters…..

…and I contributed the sweets, of course. My favorite chili-chocolate-cherry bean cookies emerged from the oven sadly flat (blaming that on the altitude..), but these almond butter rice crisp treats certainly made up for it.

Sweet, sticky, gooey no-bake treats that are a part of just about every childhood, except these are the grown-up version. Vegan, gluten-free, [somewhat] healthy, and made with a few natural ingredients. BUT I assure you they’re addictingly good, even better in my opinion, than their marshmallowy cousins.

So here’s a link to the recipe for everyone who’s asked, and I didn’t change a thing (besides dumping in extra rice crispies to get more out of it!)

And now for a little more sumo action….

enjoy :) -mich

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