A holiday recap

The winter holidays at our house always revolve around food, whether we want them to or not. It’s always been a time to indulge – a time to make the Christmas cookies everyone’s waited for all year, a time for big healthy breakfasts and hearty, planned-out dinners. And as much as we all complain about the constant eating and having too much stuffed into the refrigerator, we all look forward to the lazy days of whipping up our favorite traditional recipes and new ones we’re eager to try.

This year we surpassed our typical homemade deliciousness with all kinds of handmade gifts. I don’t know what it was, maybe the our obsession with pinterest over the past year and all the inspiring ideas it presents. So we brought on the creativity and went wild with homemade gifts – or I did at least!

Tara worked on her laser-cut jewelry (which she has been selling lots of!), and made some adorable wooden painted wall hangers for air plants, which unfortunately I don’t have a photo of. Melissa and I spent a few days straight making t-shirt scarves inspired from pinterest, and she also made some adorable holiday-themed cake pops! I took on a hanging-plant-in-a-canning-jar project, created a bread baking book from scratch for my sister Tara (with many tasty sounding bread recipes I’ve collected around the blog world), made a couple photo calendars for family, and baked cookies and nuts and granola to package up all festively for gifts. Jamie made some beautiful (and so easy!) etched wine and drinking glasses, and Jeremy gave my parents some of his homemade “honey badger hard cider” and beautiful handmade maple wood cutting boards for several of us. Whew. That’s a lot of handmade goods, lots of time, and lots of love. It may be our most crafty Christmas yet!

^ working on my bread book for Tara

But no worries—all this crafting did not take the place of our baking, no no no. The cookies were full force, as I showed you a bit here, and the meals were elaborate but for the most part healthy and vegetable-y. One of my favorites was Christmas morning breakfast – a recipe I saw on the kitchn and decided it was a must: sweet potato hash with sausage + eggs. We roasted the sweet potatoes with vegetarian sausage and rosemary the night before, then put it in the oven the morning of to crisp up and served it with scrambled eggs + kale. The recipe calls for baking eggs in the oven on top of the hash, but we opted for scrambling on the side. MMM mmmm. Crispy, soft, sweet and savory. Nourishing and satisfying.

^ had to take a picture of our ridiculous amount of baking supplies, taking up 1/4 of our kitchen.

Then with happy tummies it was time to open up all those homemade gifts!

Where this burst of creative energy came from I do not know, but we all sure had an inspired and crafty holiday break.

(This lazy guy was no help…)

And now we set off in 2012….. let it bring more creativity and inspiration than ever!

Much love in the new year,


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