spiced sweet potato chapatis

While making these banana chapatis recently I came across some sweet potato flour Mom had sent me. Obviously I started imagining how tasty these flatbreads might be with pureed sweet potato in place of the banana and some warm spices sprinkled into the dough.

The flavor was great, but my chapati-making skills are just not quite satisfactory. I don’t know what it is… they seem to be cooking slowly and not bubbling up, and then all of a sudden they’re burnt and crispy. Sigh.. I’ll get it right some day…

But any way you happen to mess these up, just slather on some honey, butter and cinnamon and you’ll be in sweet, blissful heaven. The whole wheat makes them hearty, and the sweet potato puree and flour gives them an earthy taste and slight sweetness without any added sugar.

Keep the leftovers wrapped in the fridge and heat up for a light, comforting snack.

spiced sweet potato chapatis, by me

½ cup whole wheat flour, plus extra for dusting

½ cup sweet potato flour

½ cup pureed sweet potato

1 T olive or canola oil

½ t garam masala

½ – 1 t cinnamon

salt to taste

water or milk as needed [I use vanilla soy]

Boil chunks of peeled sweet potato and mash or puree until smooth. Combine with wheat and sweet potato flours, spices and a pinch of salt to make a stiff dough. Add oil and water/milk as needed and knead well to form a smooth, medium-soft dough. After dough is smooth, cover and set aside for 10-15 minutes to rest.

Divide dough into 1-1/2 inches pieces and roll each into a small ball. Either dust the balls with flour or sprinkle flour onto a flat surface to prevent sticking. (Careful not to incorporate too much extra flour or chapatis will be tough). Roll each ball out with a rolling pin until it resembles a thin pancake (about 1/6” thick).

Heat a griddle over medium-high heat. When hot lightly grease with oil and place a chapatti in the center. Turn it over with a spatula when small brown spots and small bubbles appear, about 1 minute. Continue cooking about 2 minutes until both sides have brown spots. Makes 8-9 chapatis.

Enjoy while warm with cinnamon, honey, butter, jam, yogurt, apple butter – anything your heart desires :]

don’t mind the burnt spots!

mmmmmm :]


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