banana honey breakfast shake for 1

I make healthy shakes and smoothies all the time. For breakfast, a snack or dessert — I never get bored because there are so many combinations and no smoothie ever comes out the same! Almost every smoothie and shake I create contains a banana and vanilla soymilk, which both lend a nice sweetness without any added sugar. This is the first time I’ve actually measured out and recorded the ingredients, so here’s my recipe for the perfect mellow breakfast shake! And of course I encourage you to be creative and play around with your own spices and flavors.

3/4 cups vanilla soy milk

1 large banana [frozen is even better :]

1/2 cup yogurt [plain or vanilla]

1 t honey [I used this awesome ginger-infused honey I brought home from Ecuador!]

1/4 t vanilla extract

1/8 t ground nutmeg

1/8 t cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling

Throw everything in the blender… It takes about 30 seconds. Get it good and smooth and then serve with a little sprinkle of ground nutmeg + cinnamon for looks.

To mix things up, try additions like espresso powder, coconut extract or shredded coconut, cocoa powder, peanut flour, or top with some peanut butter banana granola. This morning I made my shake after going to the gym so I decided to throw in some bourbon vanilla protein powder I had sitting around. It was delicious and super filling!


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