summer mexi-scramble

I was on a Latin American kick this summer after returning home from Ecuador—and that meant cravings for spicy salsa, salty cheese, grilled plantains, sweet corn, beans, avocados, limes and lots of coffee. The rice I could do without for a while.

One of my favorite savory breakfasts is huevos rancheros, and I found myself this past summer often making a scramble of eggs and my favorite Latin flavors to accompany a large mug of black coffee :]

The scramble was typically a combination of eggs, spinach, peppers, beans, corn, and sometimes onions, served with peach-mango salsa, avocado crema (mashed avocado with plain Greek yogurt + lime), and a generous sprinkle of salty queso fresco. Sometimes I’d add a piece of toast on the side spread with avocado crema and sliced tomato. My take on a blissful South of the border-inspired breakfast.


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